Favorite Books you read in 2012…

Hi, what are some of your favorite books you read in 2012? Here are some of mine.

I am in 2 Book Clubs and here are some of my favorites from the last year.

Image from Jacket Art  The Note by Angela Hunt — a story about a plane crash where everyone dies and a cryptic note is found saying all is forgiven. A newspaper columnist who’s job is on the line decides to find out who the note was written to and the people who absolutly say the note is not for them.

Image from Jacket Art Prayers for Sale by Sandra Dallas — a story set in a mining town in Colorado, an elderly woman tells the story of her life in bits and pieces and you find out why she has a sign that says “prayers for sale” and she gets back her faith.

Image from Jacket Art Our Boys by Joe Drape — a story of a small Kansas town and their football teams amazing winning streak, really a story of what it is like to grow up in a town where everyone knows you and cares about you. Great coaching staff and the football is there too.

Image from Jacket Art  The Worst Hard Time by Timothy Eagan — I really enjoyed this book about the Dust Bowl and how it came to be and the governments role in this tragedy. Very compelling. He has another book entitled The Big Burn that is on my list to read.

Image from Jacket Art Killing Lincoln by Bill O’Reilly — This was really a favorite of mine and it was pretty easy reading. Whether you are a fan of Bill O’Reilly’s or not he wrote in a very compelling way that made the book hard to put down even when you knew the outcome. We have his new book Killing Kennedy here in the library if you want to read his next one.

A couple of my just for fun books are the following.

Image from Jacket Art Forgotten by Cat Patrick — This is a great YA novel we have, everynight London Lane forgets everything, she wakes up each day a blank slate from her past but knows future events that may/maynot happen. How does she keep it all straight and why does this happen. Great, loved it.

I also finished the Mrs. Pollifax series, I LOVE HER, a woman in her 60s who goes out and becomes a CIA spy. Great stuff.

Image from Jacket Art Where’d you go Bernadette by Maria Semple — This was a fun read about a mother who kind of loses it and where she disappears to. I really enjoyed it.

So let me know what you enjoyed this last year!


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  1. My favorite on your list was Our Boys. The author got Western Kansas exactly right! I have not yet read Forgotten, but believe the main character must be patterned after me. She goes to bed at night and forgets everything; tomorrow is a brand new experience! Yep, that’s me! I just read C.J. Box’s, Force of Nature. Her books always make my heart race and sweat pour, and this was no exception. I can’t wait to read her latest book, Breaking Point.

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